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Here at Chen Foods, we only produce the highest quality, authentic food products. Our portfolio of well-known brands are widely used and can be found in many Australian households.

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Mr Chen's

For over 40 years, our family has been crafting authentic Asian products to share our love of flavour with all Australians.  Mr Chen's is proudly the home of Australia’s #1 dumplings.

Our product range also spans a huge range of easy and delicious Asian ready meals and pantry staples. Family continues to inspire and infuse every one of our products, from recipes and preparation techniques passed down from Dad, Mum’s dedication to seeking out the very best ingredients, to our brother’s adventurous exploration of flavours. They’re all part of our family’s commitment to bringing Australians together to enjoy heartfully delicious Asian food and flavours.

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Sailing Seas

Sailing Seas is Chen Food's most diverse brand, having product lines available in everything from seafood and finger foods to rice and snacks. Sailing Boat has a great reputation within the Asian community and has over 35 years of experience in the food industry.

Sailing Seas Yum Cha at Home

Established in 2006 and a popular staple in many Asian households, Yum Cha at Home was the first brand to bring restaurant quality Yum Cha to Asian grocers across Australia, and offers the largest range of Asian finger food nationwide. Great for entertaining at home, create tasty Asian inspired meals that are easy and sure to become household favourites.

The Original Peking Duck Pastry

The original and the best, The Original Peking Duck Pastry offers a light pastry that is easy to prepare and is great for catering and entertaining at home. Create delicious, mouth-watering, sweet or savoury Asian inspired dishes that are sure to please the whole family.


An iconic Vietnamese brand in Australia, A1 has been a family favourite in Asian households since 1982 and is known as one of the first Vietnamese brands established in Australia. Its range of products includes traditional Vietnamese dry goods and pickles for easy home cooking.


Our delicious range of authentic Potong desserts will transport you to those hot summer days with the warmth of the Asian sun on your skin. Made to the traditional Malay methods and flavours, these recipes have stood the test of time. Containing only the finest ingredients, from our coconut milk base to the whole piece of fruit, we know you’ll enjoy our Potong.


Nile Foods

Experience true African cuisine through the authentic flavours and ingredients offered in the Nile Foods range. From sorghum flour, casava products, masoso and traditional sauces, Nile Foods brings the true taste of Africa to the table.

Sea Fresh

Sea Fresh provides frozen, fresh, high quality fish and seafood products to Australian homes, ranging from salmon through to tiger prawns. Ready to steam, bake, grill or pan fry, Sea Fresh products are handy to have in the freezer for any meal and ready for your own personal touch.

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